Samsung Dishwasher Error Code Lc

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC

Causes of Water Leakage in dishwasher


The dishwasher uses a predicament; thus, vapor may be created. The steam turns into tiny water drops. If the device is exposed to them, they’ll modify a false discharge signal. However, such discharge is excluded in modern Samsung dishwasher models.

Water Hose or Filling Valve

Check the water hose cracking, and If the water flows within the bottom of the device and a giant puddle has appeared, there could be a valve failure that leaks water. The valve controls the water level, and if it’s crowded, the machine is going to be flooded.

The Door Seal Is Broken

The door might not shut tightly and also the water from the bunker is spilled on the discharge device. The LC error code may be shown on the screen. Clean the door from grease and different rubble from the door seal.

If the water flows at an all-time low of the door, this suggests that the dishwasher is at a crooked angle and stands improperly.

Slack Joints

This occurs once the dishwasher has been used for several years. Replace the hose or install clamps needed for tight joints.


The Samsung dishwasher will leak if you employ a nasty preparation. They produce a lot of foam that penetrates any seals.

Cracked tank

The tank could be cracked, which cause a puddle below the machine. This downside happens terribly rarely. Usually, if the tank is broken, the consumer must replace the dishwasher because it is expensive to repair it.

Water Discharge Hose

If water Leaks throughout in discharge hose, confirm the discharge hose, and also the emptying doesn’t seem to be clogged. If water discharge is impeded, then it ought to be cleansed from grease and dirt.

The Discharge Device Is Out-Of-Order

If this at lower receptacle happens, it’ll send a false signal to the circuit, and it’ll send the LC error code to the Samsung dishwasher screen.

Clearing the LC Error Code on Samsung Dishwasher

If there’s no water below the dishwasher, attempt resetting this error code. As a rule, the machine is supercharged off for 15-20 minutes then switched on once more.

If LC error code is shown on the dishwasher screen again, check the water hose, the discharge hose, and also the dishwasher door and do necessary measures.

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