Air Conditioner Error Codes

Air Conditioner Error Codes

An air conditioner operates by cooling air to saturation, which turns into a liquid then passed through a cooling compartment. The liquid is then turned into a gaseous form then disseminated in cold gas, thus, cooling you down.

Before purchasing an air conditioner, ensure that its technology caters to your needs. Also, look into aspects such as cooling capacity, price, energy efficiency, health benefits, installation, room size, noise controls, which should be limited to 50 decibels, and fire safety.

In the course of operation, air conditioners sometimes experience malfunctions emanating from internal breakdowns.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all you need to know about fixing a broken air conditioner.

Delonghi air conditioner error codes.

1) Error code LE.

This error code signals a low-temperature fault. To work it out, wait till the air conditioner finishes defrosting, then it will automatically begin functioning.

2) Error code F1.

The code indicates that the air conditioner’s water filter is full. To clear this, you have to switch off the mains. Afterward, unplug the air conditioner and restart it.

At times, you may need to contact the customer service desk for problem resolution.

3) Error code PF.

You will need an electric screwdriver with adjustable power, a potty knife, and wire cutters to fix this issue yourself. Open up the air conditioner’s case and replace the sensor and reassemble the case.

4) Error code HL.

HL stands for a high level of water. The error code designates that the water in the air conditioner’s tank is high. You can sort this issue out by draining the air conditioner’s tank.

5) Error code HI.

HI is a sign of high room temperature. Thus, a defrost cycle occurs in the air conditioner. You will need to wait out the defrosting process and wait for the air conditioner to operate.

6) Error code CF.

The code appears on the display panel showing that there is a need to replace the limescale.

Hisense error codes.

1) Error code EA.

The error code arises when there is miscommunication between the display board and the control board. Miscommunication occurs when there is a loose connection of the display and control panel or an indoor control board failure or damaged wiring of the display board.

To resolve this error, ensure that you reconnect any loose connection between the control and display board and replace any destroyed wires of the control or display board.

2) Error code E1.

This error results from a faulty outdoor coil temperature sensor. To fix the E1 error, you need to turn off your Air conditioner. Unplug the Air conditioner, then press the power button and keep pushing it while plugging it. Keep pressing the power button as the condenser and fan run, till you hear a beep. Release the button and unplug the Air conditioner. Plug it back in after a few minutes like ten or so. Your Air conditioner will function well.

You can also fix the error by cleaning the air filter. Therefore, please turn off the Air conditioner open its front cover to access the filter. Remove the filter and use soap and water to clean it and let it dry and put it back in. Turn on your Air conditioner.

3) Error code E2.

E2 indicates a defective compressor temperature sensor. You can first try solving it by turning the air conditioner’s power off for fifteen minutes. If you are unsuccessful, check your filter pump and ensure it is okay and not jammed. If jammed, unplug the Air conditioner and remove the filter pump. Pour hot water through the filter pump as you ensure the water comes out with bits and objects or dirt. Clean the pump, let it dry and reassemble it. Plug it in.

LG Air conditioner error codes.

1) Error code E5.

E5 signals that the appliance’s water collection tank is full. Therefore, to sort the error, you should drain the collection tank fully.

First, unplug the power cord. Then place a container under the drain port. Next, unscrew the drain port and open the inner plug. Let the water flow freely into the container until water runs out. Consequently, your Air conditioner will operate normally.

2) Flashing lights.

Flashing lights in your Air conditioner arises when there is a mismatch between the outdoor and indoor units.

To clear the error, unplug the Air conditioner and plug it in and switch it on. If it fails to function afterward, look at the appliance’s wires and check if they are loose. You can also opt to calla a technician to check the issue.

Amana Air conditioners error codes.

1) FO.

The error designates a low refrigerant on the Air conditioner caused by a leak at the air conditioner’s flare connections. You will need to solve the error, so find the leak and repair it. Drain all the refrigerant and deep vacuum the appliance.

2) Error code F1.

The Air conditioner displays the code when its thermostat is out of order. As a result, it fails to communicate with the unit control.

It also displays when the thermostat transmits outside the parameters of between -28.89 degrees Celsius to 93.3 degrees Celsius. To fix this, purchase a new Air conditioner thermostat.


Even with proper maintenance, air conditioners can encounter drawbacks in their functioning. Therefore, you should know the error codes displayed when they happen, allowing quick resolution of the defect.

In case you have run the generic procedures discussed above and end up unsuccessful, you may have to contact a technician to help you diagnose the problem.

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