simple guide for playing music through your mic

Simple Guide for Playing Music Through Your Mic

Do you want to enjoy it more while playing with someone or talking to them? Isn’t it amazing to play music or some weird or funny voices through your mic? Now you’ll probably be thinking about how is this even possible? But believe me, it is possible. Everything is possible now because this era is an era of technology, and technology is a market of exciting, new, and revolutionary products. Technology is working to make all of your dreams a reality.

The use of a mic is widespread nowadays. It plays a vital role in communication purposes like attending an online meeting; gamers use a mic while playing to communicate with other players; students use the mic in online classes to communicate with their teachers. With time the use of the mic is increased. Now you can use it for other purposes also like playing music or some other audios. You need to use a mic in that way, or probably you can do it for fun.

Methods of Playing Music Through Your Mic

There can be many different ways to play music through your mic, like buying some expensive software for this purpose or doing it free using some apps. Some methods can be complicated for you to understand, but some are way too easy, and I’m going to tell you the easiest ones of all.

  • Change the default settings of your mic.
  • Using VoiceMeeter and SoundBoard.
  • Using Virtual Audio Cable and SoundBoard.
  • Using Stereo Mix.
  • You can also use MorphVox Pro, Soundpad, RustSoundBoard, clownFish.
  • There are different methods of playing music on other apps. I will tell you about them individually later.

By Changing The Default Settings Of Your Mic

The effortless way of playing music is changing the default settings of your mic.

  • Step 1. – At first, you have to the control panel of your device. You can see multiple options there.
  • Step 2. – After opening the control panel, now you can see the hardware & software options there.
  • Step 3. – After following the first two steps now, you have to select manage audio devices.
  • Step 4. – Lastly, what you have to do is select recording and enabling Stereo Mix.

Please set it to the default mic. It can be one of the easiest methods of playing music through your mic. Try this method and enjoy this feature.

Using Voice Meeter and Soundboard

When it comes to playing music with some software, then using a voice meeter with the soundboard is the best choice ever because one can use this fantastic software, free. Yes, this splendid software is free, that’s why it is considered the best option. It’s a virtual audio mixer with a built-in cable together with a soundboard. You can freely use it according to your own will.

The installation steps of the software are:

Having Virtual Audio Cable With Soundboard

It has the same advantage as the previous one; it is free. It is considered to be another best way to get your requirement, but it’s more limited. We use a virtual microphone to transmit different audios. In this software, you have to choose the particular audio you want to share. In this method, the limitation is that you may not be able to hear the sound you’re transmitting.

Using Stereo Mix

Another free software is fundamental and easy to use. But the easiest ones are more limited. Most of the sound cards have it by default; we don’t need to download it explicitly.

Using Morphvox Pro

You can buy this software and it has some advanced features like in addition to play music and different audios. They provide you with a significant voice changer.


  • This software will provide you with unique and mesmerizing sound effects, especially background sound effects. You can do this in the free version of this software.
  • Voice changing is another outclass feature of this software, but you’ve to buy it for this feature and other advanced features.
  • Text to speech is another advanced and most useful feature of this software. You may have seen this in many videos on social media.


Another software you can use but after buying it. Its primary purpose is to transmit audio and different music after uploading the file of the audio. It has some advanced features too to facilitate its users.


  • This software is capable of playing various audios o your microphone as well as on your speaker. It is effortless to find songs; all you’ve to do is Ctrl+ enter.
  • You can also record different voices on this software with precision.
  • There is an editing feature also in it; you can easily edit the voices after recording them.

Other Devices

There are multiple more devices for this purpose, like RustSoundBoard, clownFish, etc. Their methods are almost similar, but their features may differ from one another, but their primary purpose is the same, that is, transmitting audios.

There are different ways to play music in different ways. Method of playing on some of the apps are:

Method of Playing Music Through The Mic In Discord

Discord is one of the most useful apps for communication in games. Most probably for those games not having a voice chat option. But now a day’s gamers are taking advantage of this app rather than just using it for communication purposes. One can also use it to enjoy music while playing different games. Isn’t it incredible, like playing your favorite game with your favorite song playing in the background?

To make this possible, you need to follow a few steps.

  • Step 1. – There are multiple discord bots that are required for playing music in discord. Firstly, you have to go to the browser and search for
  • Step 2. – After searching, you can see multiple options there—select music from the options. After tapping on the music, a list of bots will be displayed to be used for music. A few of them are Sinon, astolfo, etc.
  • Step 3. – Click on the view of the bots to use it. This view will display all of the bot’s features and the commands you need to play music.
  • Step 4. – The next step is to click on the invite icon of the bot you want to install.
  • Step 5. – Now you have to sign in; then, you will be redirected to the bot site afterward.
  • Step 6. – Then after this, there exist names of the multiple servers. select the one on which you want your bot to be installed
  • Step 7. – After following all of the above steps, click on the authorize, displaying at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 8. – Then there is verification. Clear this captcha verification then you will proceed to the discord server.
  • Step 9. – To proceed further, open your discord.
  • Step 10. – On the top left corner of the discord, there is a menu icon. Click on it.
  • Step 11. – Then tap on the server on which you installed the bot; else, you will not be able to play music.
  • Step 12. – Join the voice channel to play music.
  • Step 13. – Now type the bot’s commands to listen to music.

How to Test the Sound You Play Through Your Mic Is Working For Others

Testing is easier than playing the song. You can do simple things to check whether it is or not.

  • The easiest of all is to ask your friends or any coworker to tell if they can hear the sound you played. Suppose they can listen to it. It means you’ve done a pretty excellent job.
  • You can record your voice or different audios using any other app. Then check it by hearing it.

Uses of These Voices And Music Through Mics

As you know, eCommerce is one of the growing industries of the world. Thus, to make gaming and esports more interesting, music and other voices are needed to entertain during live streaming games. Similarly, making vlogs, roasting videos, and other exciting videos uses these kinds of software to add multiple songs to their videos. They use different voice changer apps to make their videos funny and entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions people ask about this. It is not possible to answer all of them, but I’m going to answer a few of them:

Can we play music and talk at the same time?

The answer is yes, you can play music and can talk at the time. Here is the procedure:

  • After attending the call, click on the home button.
  • Open your music app
  • Play your song and return to your call

Is it possible to play a song while talking in discord?

Again, the answer is yes, and it very easy to do so if you’ve followed the above instructions regarding discord. If you’ve done that, now you have to type the commands.

Is it possible to play music in games through a mic?

You can easily do this by changing the default settings, as I told you above.

How to test the mic? How to play a soundboard through a mic?

You can do testing in two ways: recording your voice and then hearing it or asking someone else to check if they can listen to your sound. Playing a soundboard through a mic is discussed above.

Final words

Playing music or another kind of voice is a fantastic feature, and you can do it free of cost by using some of the free software. But this free software will not give you every element you want because of limitations. If you can afford it, you should buy any good software to use as long as you want to use it.

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