Fixing The Discord Screen Share No Audio Issues

Fixing The Discord Screen Share No Audio Issues

Have you encountered Discord Screen Share Audio Issues? Discord is a famous software for gamers. It is used in gaming sessions to interact and share the screen. Discord is used by over 250 million users, Gamers, streamers, YouTubers, and even business-related communities worldwide.

In Discord, the screen sharing function is not yet stable, so some bugs still occur. Users have often mentioned no audio and or black screen when attempting to use the sharing screen feature. By reading this article, you will learn how to fix the Discord Screen Share Audio issues and more.

What are the main factors that make The Discord Screen Share Have No Audio?

A significant factor for which you may experience problems with this unique feature is that there is a different configuration for each device that affects the applications that run on that system. Discord audio share is found to be troublesome in most situations when you have defective audio drivers.

Fixing Discord Audio Problem
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Here are some of the factors I was talking about:

Audio Driver Issues

Like all other apps trying to play audio, the audio driver is often used by Discord. If the driver doesn’t operate or is corrupt, then you’ll have voice difficulties.

Administrative Permission

As Discord shares the entire screen remotely, administrative access can be required. It can be resolved by granting administrative access.

Application-specific Issues

Certain apps are not running well with Discord. If so, you can only search for alternatives, so there is not much here to do except try to identify these applications and terminate them.

Compatibility with a browser

You can then change your browser to Chrome or Opera if you are running Discord on a browser.

Initial bugs

Because the feature of screen sharing is recent and has a long way to mature, the beta version may contain a few bugs, so it gets patches and constant development and deployment.

How to repair The Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Problem

Restart your PC

Restarting your system is an effective way to address audio errors that do not function. However, there are many issues on a pc that a fast reboot can fix it. In reality, and as mentioned before, specific programs running in the background will interfere with Discord, and you will face lots of errors and issues. Restart Discord after rebooting the system to test whether or not the problem is solved.

Keep Discord Up To Date

If you unexpectedly have voice troubles in the middle of the meeting, it may be triggered by a new update. Close and relaunch Discord. These updates are installed automatically every time Discord is initiated.

Adding The Game/App You Want To Share In The “Game Activity.”

Discord identifies the existing behavior and the audio settings for it automatically. If you have problems with the audio configurations, it could be that the action cannot be correctly identified.

The program will also confuse and detect incorrect configurations if you’re sharing screens with various apps and games. Discord has a special tab to fix this, where you can add your games or apps to it.

To do so, follow the next steps:

  • Start Discord and press the configuration button in the lower right-hand corner.
  • In Options, in the left navigation bar, press Games Entry, and then click to add it.
  • Pick the software you’d like to share from the drop-down menu, and then press Add Game.
  • Switch the overlay to On in the game activity.
  • Restart the app to see if the issue is resolved.

Stay Away From The Full Windowed Screen

Playing full-screen games, including using Discord, can lead to issues with Discord Audio. This interacts with the Discord Privileges, so you can use the off-screen discord window feature and play games in a minimized style.

Check the Background – Some Games/Software Could Be The Cause

You can face voice problems and other glitches common to some applications, such as Mozilla Firefox.

A key cause why you face this issue is that many processes are used. The window of the program may not be the one producing the noise. Discord collects audio from the program on the screen, which is open. Going with an option and upgrading the browser to Opera or Google Chrome is the perfect approach. It’s the only browser capable of transferring audio aside from Google Chrome.

The Audio Drivers Must Be Updated On A Regular Basis

Defective or deferred audio drivers trigger problems with Discord Audio. Your Sound Drivers need to be kept up to date.

To upgrade the audio drivers, do this:

  • To access the Run dialog box, press Windows + R and type “devmgmt.msc” and click enter.
  • Broaden the category for audio inputs and outputs, and right-click Sound and Hardware.
  • Pick Driver Upgrade and restart your PC. This process would quickly repair any disruption from discord issues.

Temporary Disable The Anti-Virus And lower your Firewall 

Anti-virus also blocks software or application functionality. If the audio is blocked entirely, there is a strong chance that the antivirus is not the problem. Perhaps the Firewall is blocking the driver. Disable both the Firewall and the antivirus (temporarily) to check if the issue is triggering it. You should consult your antivirus and your firewall guides and information online for guidance on momentarily disabling your antivirus and your Firewall.

The Discord Screen Share Voice Settings – A Complete Reset

If you have recently made adjustments to Discord’s voice setting, then the issue could be induced. Redo the default voice settings that would possibly resolve the error, or simply reset to default settings.

To adjust Voice Configurations for Discord:

  • Run Discord and press the configuration button on the program tab in the bottom left corner.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Reset Voice Settings to go to Voice and Video Settings.
  • In the pop-up windows, press okay.

To check if it worked, use the screen sharing function again, see if that does it for you. Then move on to the next patch if the problem still exists.

Administrator Permission

Screen sharing in Discord takes up more time than any other functions. As a consequence, it becomes a privacy challenge and needs higher access permissions.

Giving administrative access to Discord:

  • Open File Explorer, press Windows + E.
  • Navigate to the folder where you’ve been installing Discord. Local Disk C -> Program Files is the default location.
  • In the folder, right-click the program’s executable file (.exe) and choose the properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab in the Properties window and check the Run Administrator program feature.
  • To save changes and leave, press Apply. To check if the patch succeeded, try running the screen sharing in Discord again.

Just Install Discord Again

If the audio issue still there, your Discord files can be compromised or damaged one way or another. Try re-installing Discord to fix that.

To install Discord again, follow the next steps:

  • Click Ctrl + R and type “appwiz.cpl” and click enter to access the control center.
  • Press D on the control panel to move to the Discord entry, right-click it and then choose Uninstall.
  • Now reboot your device.
  • Go to the official site of Discord, get it, and install it again.
  • Give it some time to install, then restart your computer.


The issue itself in all is a horrible experience, talking to friends, streaming, or just having a chat. To fix it, you need to follow the steps mentioned above. Discord Screen Share No Audio can be a temporary and easy fix for you if you followed the guide above.

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