how to set a monitor to 144hz

How To Set A Gaming Monitor To 144hz – Speed Up Your Gaming

Have you also brought a brand new high refresh gaming monitor? Are you too tired of not getting your desired performance? Don’t worry; you are in the right place, and this tutorial is just for you. Your gaming monitor is not giving you the performance you have wished for because you haven’t activated that higher refresh rate in your monitor. In this tutorial, I have got you the easiest way to activate a higher refresh rate on your monitor, which will not set 144Hz in your monitor. Besides that, you are going to get the best results from your monitor’s hardware.

I want you guys to follow each and single step down there. Disclaimer: if you skip any step, this would be harder for you to set 144Hz in your monitor, so make sure to follow every step.

Introduction To 144Hz/120Hz/165Hz/240Hz In Monitor:

Before processing, you should know what does higher refresh rate actually means. Basically, every Monitor provides a 60Hz refresh rate, which means a monitor can show 60 frames every second. Compared to a monitor having 60Hz, a monitor with 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz provides higher refresh rates. They show more frames every single second than a monitor having 60Hz.

After reading this, you might be wondering if these higher refresh rate monitors are costly or not? Or are they also providing good image quality? And here’s the answer to all the questions which make you go crazy, YES, the monitor having a higher refresh rate is quite expensive than the normal ones. Sadly, image quality has no relation to a higher or lower refresh rate—the quality of the picture links to other matters of your monitor.

Why Should You Prefer A Higher Refresh Rate Monitor?

Before buying a higher refresh rate monitor, why should I need a refresh monitor to appear in the brain? The answer is so simple. For better gaming performance, you should choose a higher refresh monitor. Well, I have an example which is going to clear all your doubts. Suppose you are playing a racing game on your higher refresh monitor. Due to a higher refresh rate, your monitor can show more frames than usual, and it makes you see your competitor’s movement precisely; won’t it be much easier to make them taste lost?

So yeah! That’s the main point of higher refresh rates of these gaming monitors because they provide you more frames each second to ensure that you have a proper eye on your enemy’s performance and next step.

How Can You Enable 144Hz In Your Monitor?

Well, 144Hz and 120Hz is not a new term in the gaming world. Gamers are very well aware of this term. Anyhow, let just come to the most waited part where most of the users stick. Is activating a higher refresh rate in your monitor. These are the three easy steps from which you can easily confirm it is running at 144Hz. After buying, you also have to activate your monitor to enable 144Hz, and here are steps from which you can easily activate them:

Step 1: What Are Your Devices Are Compatible Of?

Your monitor won’t be able to run with high refresh if you’re monitor is unable to support a higher refresh rate than 60Hz than no matter how much your effort to do that. Your monitor must have to be compatible with affording a higher refresh rate than 60Hz. For this, you have to know your monitor’s specifications, and its compatibility is more than 60/65 Hz, then you are good to go ahead with the next two steps; otherwise, this pardon! This tutorial is not going to help you.

Step 2: Connect Your Monitor To The PC With Help Of Port Connection:

This is the primary step to activate 120Hz/144Hz on your monitor. And this only possible through display ports and some DVD ports; they can transfer higher refresh rate data. A monitor won’t activate a higher refresh rate until you connect your monitor to your PC through a display port. If you are going to attempt this step-through HDMI or old VGA cables, then HOLD ON! It is not going to work. Use a display port cable. Ensure that cable was given to you with your gaming monitor, and if not, you may get a suitable quality display port cable.

Step 3: Activate Higher Refresh Rate From Windows Settings:

This is the last step and the easiest step to enable your higher refresh rate on your gaming monitor. Here are two ways from which you can allow a higher refresh rate of your monitor. One is for the users of WINDOWS10, and the other is for the users of WINDOWS 7/ WINDOWS 8.

Steps To Enable 144Hz On Windows 10:

Here are steps are given below you need to follow is you are having WINDOWS 10;

  1. Hit the Windows key, then click on the setting button.
  2.  Now click system in settings.
  3. Now open the display tab.
  4. Now go to display adapter properties>monitor tab.
  5. Now choose 144Hz from the drop-down menu of the screen refresh rate of monitor settings.
  6. Now click apply after then click OK to enable 144Hz on WINDOWS 10.

Steps To Enable 144Hz On Windows 7/ Windows 8:

Here are steps you need to follow is you are having WINDOWS 7/ WINDOWS 8;

  1. First of all, click right on any blank space on your desktop. Then click screen resolution.
  2. Now click on advance settings.
  3. Now here, you will find options to choose your desire refresh rate.
  4. Now select 144Hz and then press OK.



Q1. How can I overlook my monitor?

A1. You can overlook your monitor by searching for change display settings after that open display settings. Now open display adaptor properties, then go to monitors tab and choose higher refresh than 60Hz.                              

Q2. Does a higher refresh rate help in gaming?

A1.Yes! They do help you a lot in gaming.                                                          

Q3.What is the difference between standard and gaming monitors?

A3.yes! Theirs a massive difference between both; an ordinary monitor has 60Hz while a gaming monitor has more than it.

Q4.What is FPS in games?

A4. Well, FPS stands for frames per second. And it helps a gamer to have an eye all over the performances.

Final Thoughts:

Having a higher refresh rate into your gaming monitor indeed improves hardware or the monitor and provides merely than 60 frames every second, which helps gamer and emphasize them to win. Monitors with high refresh rates are quite expensive, but they are super beneficial for a gamer well; I hope this simple tutorial helps you enable 144Hz in your monitor.

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