overclock your ddr4 ram

How to Overclock Your DDR4 Ram

Are you looking to overclock the RAM of your PC but overclocking is not your cup of tea? Well, in this case, this guide is going to help you a lot. Let’s overclock RAM DDR4!

Overclocking RAM DDR4 (2021 Edition: Safe and Easy)

As obvious overclocking RAM for your PC is so important and also praiseworthy and admirable for the gamers, and indeed, without overclocking, you can’t use your so costly RAM properly. While looking forward to overclocking, a user might think, is this overclocking RAM going to bring any drastic change in his PC performance?

Yes, overclocking RAM does changes the performance of the PC. Overclocking may seem a bit confusing. And this is for what this guide is. After reading this guide, you would be able to implement overclocking in just a couple of minutes.

Why Overclock RAM? Is This Worth It or Not?

I know this kind of question must be driving you crazy, relax. This guide is the answer to all your questions. Nowadays, RAM is available at different frequencies and speeds. But still, you didn’t get your desired rate. And when you inquire RAM speed of your PC, you get to know that the RAM is clocked at a certain speed or frequency, so for increasing the speed of your RAM, you have to overclock your RAM.

Now you might be wounding is this overclocking worth it or not?

Yes, overclocking RAM is worth it because it has advantages; some are excellent PC performance, more FPS (frames per second), and more multitasking efficiency.

What Should You Prefer, More RAM Or Faster RAM?

More RAM or faster RAM depends on multiple conditions. If you are bounded in fewer budgets, you should prefer more RAM with less speed or frequency, but you should go for RAM faster if you have a good account.

If you are a user with the bulk of heavy tasks with your PC and play hardcore games and stream your games online, you should prefer more memory RAM, approximately 16 GB. But if you are a regular user, then 8 GB is right for you.

Things You Have To Make Sure Before Overclocking RAM:

Here are two basic things you have to ensure before overclocking the RAM of your PC, you have to check your RAM suitable frequency and then speed; make sure your current speed is ideal for RAM.

Here are the steps which will help you ensure speed and suitable frequency:

Steps to Check Your Current Speed:

It is so simple and easy to check your current RAM, and for this, you have to open task manager; after that, you have to go to the ‘performance’ tab; now, you would see another memory tab. After clicking on that, you will be able to see the current speed of RAM.

Steps to Check Suitable Speed or Frequency For RAM:

Usually, all the RAM DDR4 are sold with different speeds like 2300 MHz, 2666 MHz, 3000 MHz, 4000 MHz, etc. Well, the most awaited part, you know what? You can overclock the RAM to a speed more than a suitable frequency. And for this, you have to choose the RAM speed less than or equal to the rate certified by RAM’s company.

Things You Must Know Before Overclocking:

Some of the mentioned below terms won’t be similar to you, but if you are going to overclock your RAM, it is virtual for you to be familiar with these terms.

  • -RAS & CAS: In the memory module, RAS is an abbreviate form of Row Access Strobe & CAS is the abbreviate form of Column Access Strobe.
  • -RAS & CAS Delay: the time taken for Row Access Strobe and Column Access Strobe.
  • -CAS legacy: the time between CPU requesting data and RAM sending it is called CAS legacy.
  • -Active to Precharge Delay: well, it is also known as TRAS. It is the time which seized for Memory Unit.
  • -RAS Pre-Charge: this term is also named RTP. As the duration required to disable one RAS line and an active one adjacent line is called RAS pre-charge.

Best Way to Overclock RAM DDR4:

We have two ways to overclock the memory module; one is XPM, and the other is CUSTOM OVERCLOCKING. XMP stands for Extreme Memory Profiles, these are the list of profiles that help you overclocking your RAM automatically, but it varies some problems. CUSTOM OVERCLOCKING is safer and more comfortable. Well, this method tells you the way from which you can set the speed, voltages& clocks according to your wish.

Overclocking RAM DDR4 by XMP Method:

XPM is intel technology that allows its users to overclock their memory modules very easily. But overclocking by XPM, you must have a high cooling system and enough power from the power supply; sometimes, due to this, you may burn your RAM. The reason why XPM is a risky process. XPM generally shows 1 to 3 profiles, and by choosing your desire one and restarting your PC, you will automatically experience a new speed.

Overclocking RAM DDR4 Using Custom Setting:

Overclocking RAM from CUSTOM SETTINGS is the safest because here, you can set your PC’s settings according to its compatibility. Here are the instructions:

Overclocking RAM on ASUS  Motherboards:

  1. Restart your PC while this press the ‘F2’ or ‘DEL’ button.
  2. No, and go on advance mode.
  3. Now select Al Tweaker /Overclocking tab.
  4. Select A1 Overclocking tuner to Manual/XMP (Extreme Memory Profile)
  5. After doing this, you will see the DRAM frequency options to adjust speed.
  6. Select ‘save and exit’ (press F10 for most motherboards)

Overclocking RAM on MSI Motherboards:

MSI is so popular due to its BIOS and its user-friendly behavior. Now the question is how to overclock RAM on MSI Motherboard? Well, here are the steps to overclock RAM on MSI Motherboards:

  1. Restart your PC; while this click ‘F2’or ‘DEL’ button, it will lead you with open BIOS.
  2. Clicking on the overclock tab, you will find XMP, which will automatically overrate your RAM to the highest frequency.
  3. By disabling this, you will convert it to manual mode.
  4. In manual mode/XMP disable mode, you would be good to enable speed from the ‘ADJUST DRAM FREQUENCY’ option.
  5. Now restart your PC, selecting the ‘save and exit’ (F10 for most motherboards)

Overclocking RAM on GIGABYTE Motherboards:

Here are the easy steps from which you can overclock RAM on GIGABYTE motherboards.

  1. While starting the PC, click the ‘F2’ or ‘DEL’ button. It will open the bios menu.
  2. In bios, you will find the MIT tab where you would be able to overclock your system.
  3. Now select XMP and click the ‘+’ button to change it to active manual mode.
  4. You have to select memory frequency (MHz). For adjusting frequency, click the ‘+’ button.

Problems of Overclocking and Their Solutions:

The process of overclocking is a bit risky, sometimes some problems do occur. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Sudden Restating/shutting down of PC or problems in stating PC.
  • If you face this problem, then yeah, it’s a sign that your RAM is not suitably overclocked for your PC.
  • Well, the solution to this is you have to change the frequency by the given method above.

Pros and Cons of Overclocking:

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, so do overclocking has.

Pros of Overclocking:

  1. Overclocking helps your PC to perform better than before.
  2. It provides more FPS.
  3. When your RAM speed is used, it won’t be wrong to say that The money is fully utilized because RAM is more expensive.

Cons of Overclocking:

  1. Overclocking RAM may destroy the lifespan of the memory module.
  2. If you are using a flawed end system, then RAM Overclocking is not worth it.
  3. RAM gets fried if it is overclocked in the wrong way.


Q1. Will the RAM of different brands’ speeds will work fine?

A1. yes, it works, but this is not recommended because it may lead to some troubles like sudden restarts of your PC.

Q2. Does overclocking RAM bring any differences in gaming performance?

A2. Yes, it brings change, but you would not discover a difference in every game because some games don’t need such speed.

Q3. How much speed can a suitable memory module provide?

A3. It depends on the RAM’s rating. You can also speed up your RAM.

Q4. Does overclocking harm the RAM?

A4. Not usually, but yeah, it may reduce the life of RAM.

Q5. Which intel motherboards are best for overclocking RAM?

A5. intel motherboards like z270, z370, and z390are best for now.

Q6. Is XMP suitable for overclocking RAM?

A6. Yes, it is, but only if you have an excellent cooling system and enough power supply power.

Final Thoughts:

Many of us hesitate to overclock due to our fears but relax. My guide will help you in overclocking RAM. But be careful while reading. Don’t skip any point. It may lead you to trouble, and I don’t want it for you. I would suggest kindly not exceed the speed level unless and until you have a sound cooling system and enough power left from your power supply.

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