error code 0x0003 for nvidia geforce

How To Fix Error Code 0x0003 for Nvidia Geforce Users

Are you frustrated with Error Code 0x0003 in Nvidia and searching for a way to fix it? Before knowing how to fix this error, it is a must to understand what causes it to occur in the first place. Faulty NVIDIA drivers are the leading cause behind this error. Still, sometimes updated versions of these drivers cannot fix this error because of some corrupted files in the System even after uninstallation.

It is the best to keep application drivers up to date; it optimizes game settings and provides the easiest way to share some of your gaming moments with your friends. But the main problem starts when a user opens the app, and there comes the annoying problem of Error Code 0x0003. But, this error keeps coming again and again. It also ruins the user experience.

Ways to Fix Error Code 0x0003

Whenever you open your Nvidia application, do you see a message like “something went wrong, restart your app”? Being a Graphic User Card lover, this seeing this error makes you feel frustrating, right? To get rid of this error and get a trouble-free experience, here are a few ways that can help to fix this error.

1: Uninstalling all Nvidia Drivers from PC

One of the most common ways to fix error code 0x0003 is to uninstall your application’s current VersionVersion, which works for most people. All they do is to replace the current VersionVersion with the latest updated VersionVersion from their official website. But make sure to delete all the files from your Computer system because you might not want any bugs to remain; otherwise, you will face the same problem all over again.

2: Installing the latest VersionVersion

Before installing and deleting all data related to the drivers, it would be preferable to restart your computer. Then visit the official website and download the latest beta version of Nvidia Geforce. After installing the app, give your computer a break by restarting. Thus not only will it fix Error Code 0x0003, but Nvidia Error Code 0x0001 will also be selected through this method.

3: Allow access to Nvidia Telemetry Container

Nvidia Container or Nvidia telemetry container is not allowed to have any interactions with the PC desktop; it might be the reason to cause error code 0x0003. Although Nvidia Telemetry Container does not do much by itself, it is necessary to store other Nvidia processes and help the individual run without any trouble. Allow Nvidia Telemetry container and its services to access your computer with the help of the following steps;

  1. Press Windows key + R and type Services. msc in the opened Run Dialogue Box and clicked, OK.
  2. Next, right-click on Nvidia Telemetry Container, go to the Properties, and select Local System Account.
  3. Check the box to give access to the desktop and then click Apply.
  4. You can select start by right-clicking on the Nvidia Telemetry container service.
  5. Select RUN and go to Services. msc and start all the Nvidia services.

It will hopefully fix the Error Code 0x0003. If it still does not fix it, then the next step might help.

4: Nvidia Container Navigation

There might be some cases where the reason to cause the Error Code 0x0003 is the Nvidia Container itself. To fix this, you need to modify all Nvidia Container services on your PC.

  1. Open the Run dialog box again, type services. msc, and hit OK.
  2. Search the Nvidia service containers, and Right-clicking on the first service container will lead you to Properties.
  3. Select the Log-on tab in the properties, then check the box and click on Apply to save the made changes.
  4. Then do the same for all the container services.

After configuring all the services, give your computer a restart. A computer with an excellent power supply unit is a must for gaming and most of the issues that a PC faces are related to its power supply.

Restarting Nvidia Geforce

PC itself demands a restart after installing any software, but to fix error code 0x0003, you need to relaunch the application first.

Disabling Nvidia Geforce from Start-up

Disabling or stopping it from system configuration and start-up setting helps fix the Error Code 0x0003.

Missing Nvidia Control Panel

Has Nvidia Control Panel gone missing? You are not alone. It is a problem faced by many Nvidia GPUs. To fix this issue, you need to reinstall the drivers. And create a shortcut on the desktop after rebooting it.

Steps for the fixation of Nvidia Geforce Error Code 0x0001

Error Code 0x0001 mainly occurs either due to some corrupted Nvidia Drivers files or a problem with the adapter. One can fix that easily just by deleting those corrupted files and reinstalling fresh and bug-free ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Nvidia display container LS?

A: Nvidia display container LS, also known as the local System, handles all the display tasks.

Q: What does Nvidia Geforce error code 0x0003 mean?

A: The Error code 0x0003 means that some files in Nvidia drivers are corrupt, and your Nvidia application cannot locate where the files are.

Q: What does Nvidia error code 0x0001 mean?

A: If you’re facing the display of error code 0x0001, it means that the driver you have used is either not for your graphics card.


It is a perfect application that helps to optimize game settings. This app is designed in such a way that it enhances your gaming experience. But the Error Code 0x0003 and 0x0001 are one way or the other, affecting the user or gamer experience negatively. However, the above steps will somehow help to fix the bugs but only temporarily. We hope that when the updated version release, it will be a version that does not have any Error Codes like 0x0003 and 0x0001.

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