iphone error 4013 what it is and how to fix it

iPhone Error 4013 – What It Is And How To Fix It

Updating your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is a tedious task that is often made worse when the iPhone error 4013 pops up. This error may appear when updating or restoring your Apple gadgets, and at first, you may think that everything is messed up and there is nothing you can do about it. When this happens to you, do not get anxious, wondering what you should do next.

The process of fixing the error is quite simple, and if you follow instructions step by step, you will rectify it within a few minutes. We will demonstrate to you what you should do in case the iPhone error 4013 appears on any of your Apple devices.

What Is iPhone Error 4013?

iPhone error 4013, also referred to as iTunes error 4014/4014, is a hardware-related error that usually occurs when the system detects a faulty cable or port. In simple terms, iPhone error 4013 occurs when there is an error during the connectivity process between your PC and Apple gadget. It might be hard to figure out if there is a problem with connectivity because your iOS device will show connectivity to the PC.

A faulty cable is not something you can notice by looking at it but something that the system will detect. This means the situation is out of your control and can only be seen once your device has noticed a connectivity problem. If you have a faulty cable or faulty port, you will likely encounter iPhone error 4013 more often.

The error usually looks like this: “the iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013).” Even though the massage displays the word ‘iPhone’, it does not mean that the error does not apply to other iOS devices. As long as you have an Apple gadget in your possession, you are at risk of getting the iPhone error 4013 if you have faulty cables and ports. It can also happen when you accidentally disconnect your iOS device during the update process or a software interference that hinders the updating process.

While iPhone errors might shake you, this particular one is not as hard to resolve as you may think. As long as you follow the simple set of instructions provided, you will fix your iOS device within a few minutes.

How To Fix iPhone Error 4013

It is bad enough that your iPhone or iOS device needs resetting, and even things get worse when the iPhone error 4013 occurs because it means You will lose all of your cherished memories on your phone. Do not fret, however, because the methods given below will help you solve the impending issue.

Method 1: Use Wonder Share Dr Phone Application

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone error is normally a system issue brought about by a spoiled USB cable, a disfigured USB port, external software or firewall software built into the computer itself. In other words, it is a communication issue between your iOS device and your computer. This communication issue prevents iTunes from accessing the apple service, so if you want to update your iOS software or reset your phone, it will not be possible.

To solve the error without losing any of your data, download wonder shares Dr phone, then connect your apparatus to the computer with a cable then; Dr phone will show you two options in which you should choose one. For data protection, move along with the first option displayed. The application will go ahead and identify your iOS device, your iOS version, and then download the latest firmware. All you should do is select then start, and this might take a bit of time, depending on your internet speed.

After the download is completed, Dr phone will automatically start scanning your device for any problems that it needs to fix. You will afterwards get a message that says, “repair of the operating system is complete.” This means that your device has been set, and it will take about ten minutes or so. Sit back and wait as the software does the bulky work for you.

Method 2: Fix Some Problems Using Your Computer

When you get this error, sometimes the problem is the computer itself. You might think that there is a problem with the cable transferring information or the port, but your computer is barring communication in the real sense. In such a situation, the process of fixing the problem is quite simple.

Check if your internet connection is working. The most deliberate action to take is to go to your computer settings, turn off the WIFI, and turn it back on. You can also confirm your internet speeds for better connectivity. Sometimes, the problem is usually the internet connection and not your iPhone or cable.

If your internet connection is good, go to the firewall software that you have on your computer. Turn the firewall software off for a few minutes, and then turn it back on when done with the restoration. This will help you fix the iPhone 4013 error, especially if a firewall blockage caused it. Confirm that your computer software is up to date to ensure it is updated and on the latest software.

Method 3: Check the Health of Your Computer

Confirm whether your computer is the cause of the problem by taking your iOS device than trying it on another computer. If your computer is OK, then it is probably worth checking your USB connection to ensure that it is not bringing any issues.

As mentioned earlier, your USB cable might be wrongfully connected, thus causing technical hitches during the restoration process. In this case, you should find a new USB cable that has no blemish and begin the process again. The problem should go away once you use a suitable USB cable. If the problem is the port, then it means you have to use a new computer.

Method 4: Use iTunes Repair Tool

The last method you can use is to fix the iPhone error or iTunes error by using the repair tool. iPhone error 4013 is also referred to as iTunes error, and that is because it only occurs when you are attempting to reinstall your apparatus. It might be that your iTunes is corrupt or that the version you have is obsolete, so what you should do in this situation is restore iTunes completely.

The first thing you should do is check if your iTunes is up to date and on the latest software version. If it is not, this can sometimes fix the error because that will throw up the error that had occurred. The solution to this problem is to update iTunes to the latest version and software.

How To Prevent iPhone Error 4013 From Occurring

If you can avoid certain errors and simple mistakes, you can prevent the iPhone error 4013 from occurring. Sometimes the situation might be out of hand, but there are a few things you can do to avoid it as follows;

Back-Up Without iTunes And iCloud

iPhone error 4013 occurs as a result of using iTunes, and so this means that if you can find an alternative way to restore your phone, you will avoid the error.

The backup and restore properties of Tenorshare iCareFone is designed to assist iPhone, iPad, and iPod users to back up their apparatus and restore from back up in case of data loss. This is the best option to take if you want to avoid any problems associated with iTunes software. Also, with Tenorshare, you can select the data you want to back up, which will help you save a lot of time instead of backing up everything in the gadget.

To back up on the software, connect the device, select the backup, and restore the top menu option. Choose the data you want to reserve, and the backup process will begin. To restore your data, connect your iOS gadget to the computer, run the program, and then click backup and restore it. The software will automatically complete the process. Now that you have learnt a new method of restoring and backing up your device without an iPhone, use this option when you want to avoid the iPhone error 4013.

Use A Stable USB Cable

It is advised that you work with a USB cable that is stable and works properly. Failure to which, there will be a miscommunication between the computer and your iOS gadget. Keep a stable connection, and the process will run smoothly.

If you experience this error and realize that your cable is the problem, you should get a new one unless you are not shaken by the thought of losing your stored data.

Use A Computer with An Updated iTunes Software.

Sometimes, this error occurs when a computer has outdated iTunes software. This will appear as a bug hence causing a barrier in communication. To be sure and to prevent such a mistake, confirm that you have the latest version of iOS before you begin the backup and recovery process. It will enhance compatibility and reduce the risk of error 4013 from occurring.

Use A Stable Internet Connection

Bear in mind that this process involves transferring large files, which require a fast and stable internet. If your connection keeps wavering, it will mess the process, causing miscommunication, which will cause iPhone error 4013 to appear on your screen.

Can iPhone Error 4013 Damage Your Device?

The worst that can happen if you choose to ignore the steps provided above is data loss. This error will not touch on any other thing on your phone. Generally, if you carefully follow the steps to the last bit, you will have the problem fixed within a few minutes. But if you try all the methods stated and none works, it would be wise to contact a trusted iPhone repair centre.

Consequently, it would mean that the error occurred not because of a software issue but because your hardware system is corrupt. For such a problem, you will need to take your phone to a nearby repair centre.


Whenever you are backing up and restoring your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other iOS device, the chances are that you might experience this problem. iPhone error 4013 is not something that should worry you as You can quickly fix it, and the process will destroy none of your data. Keep in mind the error occurs due to an interruption of communication between your iOS device and the computer.

Seek to maintain a clear communication line which implies using a suitable file transfer cable, using a stable internet connection, updating iTunes software and generally checking your computer’s health. All these things are crucial if you want your restoration process to be successful. If you follow the methods and steps given in this article, your problem will go away, and your data restored to your phone in no time.

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