how to override hp ink cartridge error

How to Override Hp Ink Cartridge Error

Judging from the name, a HP ink cartridge is a printer that uses ink to perform its daily activities and is mainly used by people who do not need the services regularly. The HP printer is a good option as it is very affordable, making it easy for anyone to start. Now, like most electrical devices, and HP cartridge will experience some errors when operating it.

You might think that your device is damaged when this error occurs because it is not regular. Do not fret because this article will expound on what causes this error and how to resolve it. If you follow the instructions given, you will override the error as fast as possible.

About HP Ink Cartridge Error

HP is a worldwide known company that mainly deals with electronic gadgets, and they have specialized in making the best and most efficient printers. One thing for sure is that you can never get disappointed with the work done by this excellent printer brand.

As we all know, a cartridge is a container that holds the ink in a printer. If there is a problem with the Cartridge, a message that reads, “cartridge error”, will be displayed on your screen. This message can appear in a variety of circumstances and applies to many Hp printers. While it is unusual for a cartridge to be damaged, this message only shows when your HP printer cannot recognize the color or black ink cartridges.

You are more likely to encounter the message if your printer tries to use a refilled or a third-party cartridge. There should be no reason to panic when you see the error code message displayed because this article will explain how to do away with it. Probably you already tried turning the device on and off, which lead you to a dead-end, and this is because there are a few things you still have to do for the error to be solved.

Validate That You Want To Go Ahead With The Process Of Overriding

You must be wondering why there is a need to confirm whether or not to proceed with the process. It is necessary to verify that this will be a good idea and cause no harm once the process has begun. Research has proven that some cartridge errors are on an excellent course, and that is why HP recommends that anyone using their devices should use brand new brand name printer cartridge.

If you decide to proceed with the process, you might have to override a protection setting installed in all HP printers. In most cases, when people refill cartridges by themselves, they unintentionally spill some ink on the sensors found in the printer’s operating system. The ink can cause a lot of damage, such as clogging the printer head or any other part close to the Cartridge. Open the printer and check if everything is supposed to save yourself the agony of overriding the Hp printer to eliminate the error.

Reasons Why Your HP Printer Is Displaying A Cartridge Error Message

Many people always jump into asking the question, “how to override” HP printer cartridge error without bothering to know what caused the error in the first place. It is widespread to get the error message, which is why you should have an idea of its causes. Your printer will display the following statements to let you know that there is a problem with the Cartridge;

  1. The printer cartridge is not found or cannot detect ink messages.
  2. Cartridge protection enabled or HP Cartridge locked message.
  3. Flashing of warning lights several times on the printer.
  4. The HP printer displays a toner not compatible message.
  5. There is a low or empty level of ink message sent to your computer.
  6. No cartridge installed message on the printer.

It is essential to know why these messages appear on your HP printer before you proceed to override. The possible reasons are explained below;

HP Cartridge Protection Is On

When updating the HP printer software, it might install an update to enable cartridge protection, and in return, it will prevent Cartridge from working in any random printer. It would help if you only used the cartridges that are made by HP company to avoid any inconveniences. To override an HP ink cartridge error, you should turn off this feature.

Internal Memory Reset

Your printer needs to self-recognize and ensure that it is displaying total toner and ink levels. When you induct a new cartridge, the printer will not reset its internal memory. It will, in turn, lead to the display of cartridge error messages. Please make sure the Cartridge you install is compatible with the printer before installing and resetting it.

Protective Strips Not Removed

All HP printers are installed with protective strips, which are generally attached to cartridges to prevent ink spilling. If these strips are not removed before installing the new Cartridge, an error will occur. Ensure that you have removed the strips attached to the new Cartridge before you replace the old one.

Incorrect Cartridge Installed in The Slot

It is easy to mistake the slot where you are supposed to install your Cartridge, leading to the printer’s misfunction. Also, you might have installed the Cartridge in a damaged space, or the Cartridge itself is damaged. You will end up with an HP ink cartridge error if this happens to your printer.

Inserting The Ink Cartridge In A Wrong Manner

Instructions on how to insert the Cartridge are written in the printer’s manual. Follow the instructions to the last of it if you want to avoid getting any cartridge errors due to wrongful installation. When an ink cartridge is not fully clicked into its proper slot, the printer fails to sense the new ink cartridge and displays an error message.

An HP Printer Software Error Has Occurred

One of the main reasons for incompatible ink or toner is when the software or internal device drivers are not updated at the printer’s request. This pops out messages like Cartridge not recognized or not acceptable.

How To Override Hp Ink Cartridge Error

Now that you know what causes HP ink cartridge error to occur, it is also essential to learn how to solve it. Below are quick and easy ways of doing so;

Reset the HP Printer Memory

When resetting your printer memory, the first step should be to remove the Cartridge and place it in a secure place. The place should be clean to avoid damaging the cartridge surface because if such a mistake happens, you will be required to buy a new one. Damaged cartridges cannot work and often display errors that cannot be solved unless you buy a new one.

Please search for the machine’s power button and turn it off. Usually, when resetting any electrical device, experts advise that you should switch it off just before unplugging from the primary power source. This will prevent further damage to your printer’s memory or any other valuable equipment in the device.

After switching it off, unplug the printer from the socket and leave it unplugged for about twenty minutes before plugging and switching it back on. Please insert your new Cartridge and make sure it is one made by the HP company for compatibility. Press the power button and start your printer. Everything should work just fine after following this process, and the error should be gone.

Clean the Metal Contacts

Sometimes, the HP ink cartridge error occurs because there is a lot of dust in the cartridge system. To override this, you are required to clean all the metal contacts present inside the printer.
First, switch off the printer, then unplug it from the primary power source. As mentioned earlier, switching off before unplugging is vital to protect the printer’s memory. Remove your ink or toner cartridge and put it on a flat surface with no dirt or bumps. This will prevent the damaging of the ink cartridge. Damaged ink cartridges are of no use as they will not work. You will be awed by how much a scratch can make an impact when it comes to Cartridge’s performance.

Examine the ink cartridge for metal contacts and do the same for connection points inside the printer. Use a dry cotton cloth to carefully wipe the contacts lightly on the Cartridge and printer to remove any residue or dirt. Reinstall the cartridges in the printer and power it back on, and proceed with your printing process.

Use Compatible Ink Cartridge

If you are trying to fix a compatible ink cartridge to your computer, it will be easy to make. Access your printer’s setting from the menu and put off the cartridge protection. However, if you handle the process manually from your computer, the HP printer will likely prompt you with a message that says it has detected the Cartridge you are trying to use is not authentic.
Do not be tempted to buy a cartridge that the HP company does not make because your printer will ask you if the Cartridge you have installed was sold as a purported HP brand cartridge. You must refrain from clicking the yes because if you do, the printer will reject the Cartridge to protect itself. This is a self-defense mechanism installed in every HP printer to prevent users from using counterfeit products.

Choose the option that asks you if you were aware of the Cartridge’s condition; that is, if you know it was a third-party, and so it was in your consent. Once you have done this, the printer will allow you to use the Cartridge on the printer without popping any HP ink cartridge errors. Hp cannot restrain its customers from using third-party cartridges unless it is a situation where the user had no idea it was a third party. This mechanism is fundamental as it helps protect the printer’s memory and promotes general well-being.

Other Common Ways of Fixing HP Ink Cartridge Error

These are some of the methods that people use to override HP ink cartridge errors, although they are not the major ones.

Updating The HP Driver Software

As mentioned earlier, outdated software might cause the system to display the error message at any time. To update the printer’s driver software, go through the well-stated instructions manual that comes with the new printer. These steps will guide you on successfully updating the software from the printer without using a computer.

Remove All The Protective Strips From The Cover

Sometimes, the problem might occur because you forgot to remove the protective plastic strips from the Cartridge’s corners. Typically, you receive instructions from the cartridge box stating how you should go about the process.

What To Do If The Problem Persists

If you have taken all the necessary precautions and the HP ink cartridge error still appears when you are operating the printer, it means that there is a problem with the hardware system. Get assistance from the customer care unit of HP company, and they will send someone over to fix the issue. Before making this call, make sure you try all these steps to conclude that a hardware issue causes the error.


Your HP printer not recognizing a new toner or ink cartridge is a standard error that most people use HP printers. Do not fret when you see this message displayed on your HP printer, thinking that it is permanently damaged. This is the most straightforward HP error to solve among them all, as it only involves switching the printer off and on to reset its memory.
When cleaning the printer’s inner sections, be very careful not to damage anything to prevent further problems. If you follow the methods and instructions given in the article above word by word, you will override the HP ink Cartridge error, and you will be back to work within no time.

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