A partial basement means that the foundation of your home was built partially below ground level. This means that there is a basement, but it’s not one that’s completely underground. It will be partially underground, and partially above ground.
It’s a really interesting tattoo placement because it’s not exactly where you’d expect to see it. I’ve seen a lot of different interpretations of it, from people saying it means the wearer is “seeing stars” after a tough day, to people saying it means they have an interest in astronomy.
If you have a problem with your Maytag Bravos washing machine, you can reset it by unplugging it. Wait at least five minutes, plug it back in and turn it on. If the machine does not power on or if the problem persists, call Maytag's customer support line.
One cup of egg white is equal to 3 eggs. Be sure to use the yolk because egg yolks are full of fat and cholesterol. You can use egg whites in baked goods, smoothies, or any recipes that call for egg whites.
Yes, you can definitely buy flowers at Walgreens! You can also buy a lot of other things at Walgreens – groceries, health and beauty products, household products, clothing, and more. This is why Walgreens is sometimes called the “one-stop shop.