The first thing to do is to clean the surface with a microfiber cloth and some water. This will ensure that you get rid of any dirt or debris that may be on the surface of the screen, which may cause the screen to can use toothpaste. Just apply a bit to the phone and leave it overnight. You can also use rice to solve this problem.But it is important to take your phone to a professional if the crack is deep.
If your window fan doesn't work, you may have an electrical problem. Check your fuse box. Look for a fuse labeled "fan" or "light" and check to see that it has not blown out. If that's not the problem, you may have a loose wire. You can try to reconnect the wires or replace the fuse.
A broken laptop charger can be frustrating because sometimes it seems like it’s the only thing that can’t be replaced. However, it’s possible to fix a broken laptop charger and save yourself some money.

it’s really easy to fix. Take a look at the plug on your charger, you’ll notice there’s a small section of the plastic that’s broken.  Just take a bit of tape and secure the two pieces of the charger together.
The most common cause of a leaking toilet is an old wax ring. The wax ring is a rubber ring that fits around the base of your toilet. It is used to apply a seal between the toilet and the flange.

The first step in fixing a leaking toilet is to shut off the water supply. If you’re at home, turn the main water valve off. If you’re at work, turn off the main water supply to the building. Next, you’ll need to remove the toilet top.

You want to make sure that the water is covering the rubber flapper. If it’s not, you may need to adjust the water level. Also, make sure that the flapper isn’t cracked or broken.
The first step is to remove the interior handle assembly. There are several screws that need to be removed and the plastic cover removed. The handle is held in by a plastic clip. You have to pull hard to get the handle out. The next step is to remove the door panel. This is the hard part.

Remove the door panel using a screwdriver and then remove the handle assembly. To fix the door handle, you will need to purchase a new assembly and install it. The assembly may be held in place with a few screws, or it may just snap in to place.