If the AC cord is damaged, you can replace it with one that is compatible with your laptop. Search online for the correct AC cord to purchase, and make sure that you buy the correct voltage type. You can either buy a new AC power cord or you can have the cord repaired.

First, you’ll need to cut any ragged edges off of the cord. Next, strip the outer layer of the wire using a wire stripper. After that, use a soldering iron to connect the wires to an adapter.
Loose tuning machines are annoying and can cause tuning issues. The easiest way to fix them is to tighten the string that is causing the problem. A lot of times, there will be a sticker on the headstock of the mandolin that shows you which way you need to turn the tuning machine to tighten it.
If your charger cord is worn out, you can fix it by replacing the original cord with a new one. If the pins on your android charger is not working, you can fix it by cleaning the pins, and if the pins are damaged, you can fix it by replacing the pins.
It can cost as little as $50 to fix a small radiator leak. Radiator leaks are often caused by a cracked or broken radiator hose, which can be easily replaced for a few dollars. If your radiator is leaking, you should take it to a shop to be repaired as soon as possible, especially if your car is overheating.
Make sure you turn off the water and then check the drain for a stopper. If there isn't one, most likely you have a clog. Try plunging the drain, using a snake or using a plumber's snake. If none of the above work, you should call a plumber.