The next thing to consider is the cost of the service. Obviously, it costs more to tune up a lawn mower that costs $500 than one that costs $50. The more expensive the lawn mower, the more the tune-up will cost.
Step 1: Restart your laptop and wait for a few seconds. Step 2: Press the F8 key repeatedly to launch the Boot Menu. Step 3: Choose Safe Mode with Networking from the list of options. Step 4: Open the Start button, search for “msconfig” and open System Configuration.
You can fix the Google Chrome browser on your Acer laptop by simply installing the latest version of the Google Chrome the latest version of Google Chrome for your Acer laptop.
If you're using the Google Chrome web browser and you have an Acer laptop, you've probably encountered an issue where your browser window gets stuck in full-screen mode.

chrome keeps crashing on my acer laptop. all my other software was working fine on my acer laptop but this one particular software keeps crashing.

I have an acer laptop and the operating system is windows 8.1, the software that crashes is google chrome.
If you’re having trouble with Chrome on your Acer laptop, there’s a few steps you can follow to resolve the problem. Try the following solutions:  1) Restart the computer.  2) Restart Chrome.  3) Go to chrome://extensions and disable all extensions.