if you have a pop-up that appears when you unlock your phone in the morning, but you don't want to see it until later in the day, you can move the time frame for your lock screen pop-up by adjusting the time on your device.
To fix the kernel32 dll error in Windows XP, you can try the following:

1) Uninstall all software programs that may be causing the error.

2) Reboot the computer.

3) Try installing the drivers again.
The issue could be caused by a number of things. Try to use the following methods to fix the error.  

1. Run the System File Checker in the control panel

2. Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

3. Update the drivers of your system

4. Restart your computer and try again.
If your phone is constantly getting notifications from websites that you didn't want to open, it's possible that you've accidentally allowed Android to automatically fill in your email address whenever you're prompted to enter it. To stop this from happening, go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords, and tap "Add an Account".

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