If the screw is loose, you can use a number of different methods to tighten it. Some people advocate using a freezer bag filled with water and a twist tie or rubber band. Once the screw is inserted into the hole, you can twist the bag a few times to tighten the screw.
Nowadays, laptop is a vital part of our life. You can see that many people are using laptop to take notes, do the homework, surf the internet, play games, read books, listen to music, watch movies, and so on. When the charger of your laptop is broken, you don't know what to do.
The key to figuring out how to fix a broken pipe is finding the source of the leak. You’ll want to make sure you shut off the main water supply to your home or business because you don’t want to be dealing with a flood.
To fix the keys that are not working on your Toshiba laptop, you should first shut your laptop and check if the keys are stuck. If they are stuck, then you should apply a little pressure on them. If they pop back up, then you should check if the key is loose.
There are some tricks you can try. First, disable your mods. If you can still play without them, then you know they're the problem. If you can't play without them, try disabling all but the major ones, and then disabling parts of those. You may have a memory leak.