When someone stops responding to you, they're giving you a sign that they don't want to be your friend anymore. If you're still interested in having a friendship with them, you should take some time to think about why they may be angry with you.
"The first thing to do is to identify exactly what’s broken in the relationship. The next step is to try and figure out exactly how the relationship can be made better. Sometimes that involves having an awkward conversation with your friend and sometimes it involves leaving them behind.
The best way to fix a broken friendship is to be completely honest with your friend. Honesty is the best policy and if you’re honest and upfront about your own feelings and the reasons for the fallout, it’s a lot easier for the other person to understand.
Now you will be introduced to the basic steps of how to fix laptop keyboard keys not working. The first step is to take out the keycap. Press the keycap gently, so as to remove the keycap. The second step is to clean it. The third step is to replace the keycap. The fourth step is to test.
A common problem that most laptops encounter is a keyboard key that is not working. This can be caused by a number of reasons, such as a build up of dirt under a key, or a problem with the cable inside the laptop. There are a number of ways to fix a non-working keyboard.