When you are trying to access the server, but it is not responding, then it is the server not found error. This server not found error is the most common error you will face, when you are trying to access the WordPress website.
The reason why you are receiving "server not found" error is because, your computer is unable to access the DNS servers that will translate the URL you are trying to open into the IP address of the server that is hosting that site.
The price of fixing a broken iPhone 6 screen can vary depending on several factors, including the type of screen used, the make of the iPhone, the condition of the rest of the phone and the store that you take it to.
If you want to know how to fix server not found, then you have to know how the server not found error happened. This error occurs because of the problems in your modem or router device. The server not found error can be easily fixed by resetting your modem or router device.
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