If you’re wondering how long does it take for a blood clot to dissolve on its own, it will depend on the size of the blood clot and whether it’s a deep vein or an arterial blood clot. Smaller clots will dissolve within a couple of weeks, but larger clots will require medical attention.

how long does it take for a blood clot to dissolve on its own ?

The lens of a broken eyeglass frame can be fixed with a few different materials. First, you'll need to remove the broken lens from the frame. Next, you'll need to locate the exact point where the lens is broken. Finally, you'll need to prepare the pieces of the lens by cleaning and mixing the materials together.
The Alienware laptops are really great gaming laptops, but they are also prone to a common problem that makes the screen look cloudy. This problem is usually caused by a damaged cable connector between the screen and the motherboard, and it can be fixed by replacing the cable.
If you’ve ever broken a pair of glasses by accidentally sitting on them, you know how much it sucks. The good news is, there’s a super simple way to fix them. All you’ll need is a dollar bill, a pair of scissors, and a hot glue gun.