There are various methods to fix it. The first step is to identify the cause of the cracks. If the cracks are due to uneven settlement of the foundation, then you should fill the cracks with the concrete.
The first thing you should do is to check whether the screen is actually cracked or if there’s a fault with the connection to the computer.  To do this, plug the computer into an external monitor and see if the screen is displaying correctly on the monitor.
Cracks in brickwork or stone blocks are generally caused by weathering and expansion and contraction of the masonry materials. Cracks may appear in mortar joints, or they may appear in the body of the masonry unit itself.
Apple has a reputation for being expensive, but how much does it actually cost to fix a broken iPhone? According to, a repair site, replacing the screen on a 16GB iPhone 6 will set you back $109. The battery replacement will cost you $54, and replacing the back cover costs $72.
If you’re wondering how much does it take Apple to fix a phone, then you’re not alone. We’re pretty sure their customer service representatives are wondering the same thing.