The battery is the heart of any electronic device. Cell phone batteries are very specific to their device. This is why you need to have the correct battery for your device and why having a backup battery for your cell phone is so important.
A zte phone battery costs anywhere from $7 to $20 depending on where you get it and what kind of quality you’re looking for. The price will also vary based on the phone you have and which battery you need to replace.
If you have a laptop and have power distribution issues, you need to find a way of getting the power to where you need it. It's not always possible to change your power source, but don't be afraid to get creative when it comes to providing power to your laptop.
If the charger is plugged in and the power indicator is on but the computer does not turn on, it is possible that the power distribution system inside the computer has failed. The best place to start is to replace the power supply.
The ZTE Blade X Max is a budget-friendly phone that comes with a big battery and a big screen. The Blade X Max sports a 6-inch Full HD display, and a 3,630mAh battery that easily lasts a day on a single charge with moderate to heavy use.