I was looking for some advice on how to fix the scrolling on this gateway laptop. The scroll wheel on the top right of the touch pad is broken. I was wondering if there was some kind of software or fix for this problem.
The Gateway laptop is a machine that is known to be a little bit touchy when it comes to problems like the scrolling. While these types of issues may cause problems for some people, there are other people that may not have any issues with the scrolling at all.
Gateway laptops are known for having issues with their touchpads. The most common issues are: It's working intermittently. Touchpad is not working at all. Scroll function is not working. If you are facing any of these issues, it's probably because of the driver.
Isopropyl alcohol should not damage the paint, many detailers wipe down the finish in between polishing steps, sometimes not even diluted with water, just straight IPA. Your clear coat should not peel off with masking tape unless the tape was left there several days in the sun and glue really bonded to the paint.
Only when diagnosing the problem, the dealer’s fee is $200. But you may not realize it, you can check this issue for free in AutoZone or other local auto parts stores.